Build the Bucket Seismograph # 5


Seismograph Sense Antenna
0.1 Hz - 30 Hz

This sense antenna very sensitive and is the part you need for your seismograph. This coil will detect large earthquakes over 5000 miles away. Perfect for your use in your do it yourself seismograph.

This 7 inch long ELF sense antenna is for use in seismographs.

The antenna has a response of 0.1 Hz to 30 Hz. Solid Mu Metal Core for highest magnetic sensitivity.


Part number 6MU-1H-30H is $ 99.95 + $ 8.00 s/h US Mail Priority.
Data Sheet for this ELF antenna

ELF Instrumentation Amplifier for use with this antenna.

To build this project you will need the following parts shown below on this page, including a 5-gallon plastic bucket, available at LOWES, WAL-MART, or HOME DEPOT, or other hardware store. Don't forget the lid that should come with the bucket.

The following photos show how to build the seismograph from common parts:

5 gallon plastic bucket, two ring magnets, a plastic 8 oz cup, a 2 foot piece of thin nylon rope, and a 13 inch piece of copper pipe, and a cup of sand box beach sand.

Punch holes in the top of the plastic cup, and tie the small nyon rope as shown.

Place the 2 ring magnets ( available at LOWES hardware store ) in to the plastic cup as shown. For even greater sensitivity use 3 or 4 magnets instead of 2.

Pour the sand box beach sand into the cup to add weight. The weight of the cup, sand, and magnets is 19.2 ounces.

Drill a 1/4 inch hole thru both sides of the copper pipe. This is solid copper pipe, NOT the bendable soft type like used in refrigeration.

Drill holes near the top of the plastic bucket, large enough for the copper pipe to fit TIGHTLY thru. The holes should give a tight fit.

Suspend the cup with the magnets by using the rope thru the holes drilled in the copper pipe, as shown.

Mark the center of the antenna.

The magnets should sit even with center line marked on the ELF Antenna when suspended by the rope.

Hot glue the ELF Antenna to the side of the bucket.

Wire the ELF Antenna to a length (about 50 feet, or enough to reach the indoor monitor point) of telephone cable. See amplifier instructions for wiring up to a voltage data logger.

ELF Instrumentation Amplifier for use with this ELF Antenna.

The capacitor values are both 47 uF with a 50 volt rating.

Tape the wires to the side of the bucket, so they can't move around.

NOTE: The bucket sits on a 18 x 18 inch concrete brick.

Check all connections for shorts before applying 12 volts DC to the black and red wires.

Allow 10 minutes for the capacitors to charge up when power is applied, unless you use the charge switch shown in the amplifier instructions.


DATAQ SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE (13 bit data resolution. Best unit, higher signal gain.)

DATAQ SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE (8 bit data resolution. Inexpensive PC data logger.)

Seismic waves have a frequency range between 0.3 Hz to 3 Hz. For best seismograph performance use the center of the band between 1 Hz to 1.5 Hz.

The first earthquake recorded with new version 5 of this seismograph, was a 3.9 in Medford Oklahoma.
Time 17:48:34 (UTC). September 06, 2016.
Location 36.921N 97.898W.
Depth 8.3 km.
Receive Frequency: 0.791 Hz.

The 2nd earthquake recorded with new version 5 of this seismograph, was a 3.5 in Medford Oklahoma.
Time 18:33:49 (UTC). September 06, 2016.
Location 36.938N 97.896W
Depth 4.8 km.
Receive Frequency: 0.791 Hz.