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AM antenna rod core coil

This AM / LW loopstick antenna is for tuning between 100 KHz - 1710 KHz.

When used with our AM variable capacitor, above, this AM core will the full AM band and down to about 310 KHz. This tuning range is with the coil centered as in the photo.

Size: 3.53 inches long by 0.31 inch diameter at widest dimension. 0.026 inch diameter at narrowest dimension (has two flat sides top and bottom so it won't roll away).

Coil inductance value (centered on rod) is: 788 uH. Permeability value: @ 125 (designed primarily for AM broadcast band).

The unit contains two coils. One coil (the green and red) are the smaller coil. The black and the white are the longer coil. The coils are isolated from eachother, but can be connected make one continuous coil having a tap. The above tuning results were tested only with the white and black wires used (the larger coil side).

The red and green wires are isolated from larger section and can be used to couple an outdoor long-wire antenna.

A very useful part!

AM-LW BAR-1 is $ 6.95 + s/h.

s/h extra.

Sales to U.S.A. only.

Wound Ferrite Rod Antennas

VLF Ferrite Bar Core Antenna

Part NoLength ThicknessInductance Q Number of Turns Price
3.89 in 0.35 inch 1.5 mH 110
$ -.---

Not available.

This item was made overseas and is now No longer produced.

A precision VLF antenna coil. Operates from 1 KHz to 60 KHz. External capacitors allow tuning. If you add an 0.1 uF capacitor it will tune 13 KHz. If a 0.3 uF capacitor is used then the coil will tune 8 KHz. Will work down to 1000 Hz as a general audio pickup coil. Can hear tweeks. If your receiver can pull in tweeks loudly with this unit, then you've got a very good receiver! Will go lower if you add more turns. A nice 3.89 inch ferrite rod wound with 139 wire turns and a small capacitor prewired to the coil, upper frequency limit is 60 KHz unless you clip the onboard capacitor.

NOTE: A water-proof weather-proof plastic cased version with 12-inch wire leads is also available at extra charge.

s/h extra.

Sales to USA only.