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Variable Capacitors
Band-New VARIABLE CAPACITORS for tuning and fine tuning. Transmit and Receive.

384 pF Capacitors for use in AM radio antennas and longwave antennas
Longwave Variable capacitor

This precision brand-new Air Variable Capacitor has a range of 15 pF to 384 pF.

This capacitor is useful for receiver and antenna tuning in the longwave, AM, and shortwave bands from
30 KHz to 30 MHz.

Most capacitors of this type go from 20 pF to 365 pF. Our unit will go up to 384 pF. This gives you a little extra room to center the band or tune just slightly lower.

Use this capacitor to tune your ferrite rod antenna. Peak up the signal to your longwave radio by many S-units with this low loss capacitor! Improve your reception with the sensitivity that only an Air Variable Capacitor can provide!

Air Variable Capacitors offer sharp, narrow-band tuning. Get an Air Variable Capacitor to get the highest "Q" factor in your antenna! Get the sharpest and cleanest signals that only an Air Dielectric Variable Capacitor can give you! Longwave Variable capacitor

Approximate Size (inches): 1.38 inches wide by 1.31 inches deep by 1.19 high. Built-in frame ground lug for easy connection.

  • 50V rms max.

    Manufacture year: 2012.

    Great for tuning longwave, AM broadcast, Shortwave.

    Useful for fine-tuning the VLF band up or down by several KHz.

    Stormwise Part # AMVC384 is $ 20.00 + $ s/h.

    We can supply mass quantity of pieces of this unit for your company's new radio product.

    Sales to USA only.
    No Foreign Orders.

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    Two Section 466 pF (932 pF total !) Variable Capacitor for use in low - medium frequency applications Longwave Variable capacitor
    This capacitor is useful for receivers and for antenna tuning in the VLF, Longwave, AM, and Shortwave bands.

    This precision 2 section brand-new Air Variable Capacitor has an adjustable range of 14 pF to 466 pF in two individually shielded sections.

    Its two individually shielded capacitors in one unit! Bridge the sections to get a single capacitor with range of 28 pF to 932 pF.

  • 2 sections, each with a range of 14 pF to 466 pF.
  • You can bridge the two sections to obtain 28 pF to 932 pF, total.
  • 0.0125 inch air gap rated at 600 Vrms.
  • 3 holes tapped on bottom for mounting, 6-32 size standard.
  • Metal shield between the two individual sections.
  • Frame lug for easy chassis ground connection welded to rear of unit.
  • Counterclockwise rotation; as capacitance increases, as seen from the front.
  • Sturdy metal construction.
  • Size: shaft length: 1 inch; front to back: X inches and 5/16ths inch; width: 1 and 13/16ths inch; height 1.5 inch.

    This variable capacitor will work in the range of 10 KHz to 10 MHz.

    Build a double-tuned antenna, or use 1 section for the RF oscillator and one section for the antenna tuner, or build a multi-band switched antenna tuner.

    Manufacture year @ 2010.

    Stormwise Part # S2-466-X2G is $ 39.95 + $ s/h.

    Sales to USA only.
    No Foreign Orders.

    Shortwave - VHF variable capacitor 7 pF - 67 pF
    Shortwave VHF Variable capacitor

    This 67 pF air variable capacitor is useful for tuning antennas and coils in the range of 3 MHz to 100 MHz.

    Stormwise Part # SWVC67 is $ 20.00 + $ s/h.

    Sales to USA only.