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Long Ferrite Antenna Rod Elements LW, VLF, ULF, SLF, ELF.


long ferrite rod

Ferrite rods concentrate magnetic fields and radio waves, especially useful at lower frequency. They are easy to use as a directional antenna: just wind turns of wire on the rod and then connect a capacitor to tune it to desired receive frequency.

We have 2000u permeability "T" type very low frequency ferrite rods of 0.845 inch diameter size. These rods are best for use in the frequency range between 0 Hz to 500 KHz. 2000u is a material that works at extremely low frequency, super low frequency, ultra low frequency, very low frequency, and low frequency.

Ferrite rods are made up of special ceramic magnetic materials wherein the magnetic molecules (domains) have the ability to align freely with external magnetic fields. The result is a powerful gain in strength (amplification) of the received radio signal but without adding any electronic "hiss" noise. Its like a pre-amplifier but requires no external power except for the incoming signals.

Sales to USA only. Not for export.

2000u Monster Ferrite Rods
for lower frequency applications

FERRITE RODS for Extreme Low Frequency ELF, Super Low Frequency SLF, Ultra Low Frequency ULF, Very Low Frequency VLF, and Low Frequency LF. Working range DC - 500 KHz.

These 2000u ferrite rods are excellent for weak signal reception below 530 KHz.

Benefits of our plastic coated ferrite rods:

  • Won't break in pieces if stressed.
  • No rough edges that could cut your wires.
  • No electrical short-circuit to the ferrite. (2000u ferrite material is semiconductive).
  • Weather-proof and Water-proof.
  • Environment will not contaminate ferrite quality.
  • Clean to handle.
  • Smooth clean white plastic surface gives high contrast so you can easily see your wire work.
  • Plastic case is 1/16ths inch thick. Your antenna coil is electrically insulated from the conductive ferrite.
  • Circumferance: Holds 3.5 inches of wire per turn. (Example: 103 turns requires 30 feet of wire).
  • Length of case: Outer case length is 1 inch longer than ferrite rod length.

    Learn more about VLF here

    long ferrite rod

    Ferrite Technical Properties Charts

    U.S.A. only. No Foreign Orders.

    Ferrite rod plastic case is 1 inch outer diameter. Internal ferrite diameter is 0.845 inch. For use below 530 KHz. Transmit up to 1 watt. ( Do not allow plastic to heat above 120 degrees F. )
    2000u "T"
    Part #
    Ferrite Length Ferrite internal Diameter Ferrite Weight __Price
    V2R4T8454 in 0.845 in
    0.38 lb
    $ 16.00
    V2R6T8456 in 0.845 in
    0.57 lb
    $ 24.00
    V2R8T8458 in 0.845 in
    0.76 lb
    $ 32.00
    V2R10T84510 in 0.845 in
    0.95 lb
    $ 40.00
    V2R12T84512 in 0.845 in
    1.14 lb
    $ 48.00
    V2R14T84514 in 0.845 in
    1.33 lb
    $ 56.00
    V2R16T84516 in 0.845 in
    1.52 lb
    $ 64.00
    V2R18T84518 in 0.845 in
    1.71 lb
    $ 72.00
    V2R20T84520 in 0.845 in
    1.90 lb
    $ 80.00
    V2R22T84522 in 0.845 in
    2.09 lb
    $ 88.00
    V2R24T84524 in 0.845 in
    2.28 lb
    $ 96.00
    V2R26T84526 in 0.845 in
    2.47 lb
    $ 104.00
    V2R28T84528 in 0.845 in
    2.66 lb
    $ 112.00


    Prices subject to change without notice.

    Shipping/Handling charges are extra, depends on weight and size of box at actual time of shipping.

    Ferrite Technical Properties Charts

    U.S.A. only. No Foreign Orders.


    5.6 inches long x 0.31 inch diameter. Excellent for use in AM and Shortwave and Longwave Radio antennas.

    Ferrite Technical Properties Charts

    Sales to U.S.A. only. No Foreign Orders.

    The 125u rod ("M" material) is frequency stable over a wide temperature range. (Best for Longwave, AM, Shortwave). Great for 100 KHz to 20 MHz.

    125u Nickel-Zinc NiZn is the best high "Q" material for AM broadcast band 540 KHz - 1710 KHz, and it also works up to 20 MHz. Very high "Q" below 5 MHz, and very narrow bandwidth below 500 KHz. Bandwidth can run just a few KHz wide below 500 KHz, great for longwave beacon DXing.

    To tune the AM broadcast band: Just wind 35 turns of 24 wire and connect a 15 - 384 pF capacitor (sold separately our part no: AMVC-384).

    Part No: ROD-312-5625-M is $ 16.50 each.

    S/H extra.

    Monster Ferrite Slugs

    Monster quantities available for your large project.

    Part # SLUG-845-2000-T, monster-sized ferrite slugs, thick ferrite rods

    Part # Ferrite Length Ferrite Outside Diameter __Price
    SLUG-845-2000-T (2000u) shown above2.0 in 0.845 in
    $ 8.00

    2000u permeability is best for use at frequencies between 0 Hz (DC) to 530 KHz, VLF, Long wave.

    The 2000u monster slugs are great for wireless power couplings, audio filters, and speaker crossover networks, VLF antennas.

    2000u ferrite is semi-conductive (do not allow wires to short circuit thru the ferrite).

    The ferrite parts are great for "slug tuned" VLF antennas, small sensors, electromagnets, school science project motors, generators, transformers, VLF metal detectors, speaker-audio coupling, and RFID antennas below 500 KHz. Great for large tuning slugs that operate below 500 KHz. 2000u permeability rods do best TX power below 300 KHz. May heat up in transmit above 300 KHz. They are excellent for reception up to 500 KHz.

    Slotted Ferrite Bars

    These are @ 850 u ferrite bars of NiZn. Good through 3 MHz.

    Part # Slotted Bar-1 $ 6.00 + s/h.

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